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Start Planning your Campervan Holiday

What is the best time to start planning your holiday? How about right now!? It may feel like you’ve got plenty of time before your New Zealand campervan holiday, but before you know it’s time to set off… Planning your

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4 seasons new zealand

New Zealand Geography and Climate

Geography and Climate New Zealand lies in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Its nearest neighbour is Australia which is around 1,600 kilometres (ca. 994 miles) away. Two large islands called the North Island and South Islands are the

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Salmon Fishing new Zealand 1

Anatoki salmon fishing

Anatoki Salmon is a small freshwater salmon farm specializing in a superior quality freshwater salmon product. The farm also operates as a tourist attraction with a fully licensed cafe and offers salmon fishing in a beautiful environment. The farm is

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safety box motorhome

Safety Box in your Campervan

Safety Box in your Campervan Even though New Zealand is a safe country to travel to, you always need to be careful with personal belongings. One of the most made mistakes is assuming that there is no crime over here. Unfortunate there

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Camping our way

Freedom camping in the Lake District

Queenstown is the centre of the Lake District, a very popular place to visit on the South Island. Not only is it the ‘Adventure Capital’ of New Zealand where you can do the original Bungy-jump, Skydive, Wild Water Rafting and

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cook strait ferry booking

Do I have to book the Cook Strait ferry

Almost everyone who visits New Zealand and travels North and South Island has this dilemma: Do I have to book the Cook Strait ferry… It all depends on when you are travelling and if you have a very tight schedule or not.

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