FAQ Topics: On the Road

Is there a bike rack, do you rent out bikes?

No, we have no bike rakes on our vans. In general, riding a push-bike on general roads is dangerous. There are many good bike rides, BMX parks, and they all have rental facilities. This way you can have the right bike for the track, including e-bikes.

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How long will the batteries last?

In general, you will be able to use all facilities without being plugged into 230V for up to 3-4 days. It really comes down to what appliances you’re using and how often. When you drive a day for a longer period, you will recharge the batteries and won’t see the battery levels coming down much.

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How long will the gas bottle last?

Gas is used for cooking, heating, hot water supply and the refrigerator in both the Explorer and Seeker Motorhomes.  The 9Kg gas bottle should provide up to three, four weeks of gas; subject to use. In general, you only need to fill the bottle at the end of your holiday. You can swap or top

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Should I pre-book camping, DOC sites?

Most camping grounds in New Zealand do not require reservations except for the two weeks after Christmas, Public Holiday weekends and the Easter holidays. When you are going for one of the ‘Great Walks’ it does pay to book the (Department of Conservation) sites as they usually have limited availability. You can always use the on

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Are there any roads we are not allowed to travel on?

If you have not driven any gravel road, you have not seen New Zealand! SO, you are allowed on all named roads and DOC camp-site access roads. You are not allowed to travel on a beach, through a river or salt water, or on a road that is in such poor condition that it damages

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Do we need to book the Ferry to cross Cook Strait in advance?

The ferries operate all year round, but there are fewer sailings during the winter. If you are travelling in the tourist season (between October trough to April), we strongly advise to book your ferry crossing in advance. Outside these periods, you can usually make a reservation one day in advance or on the spot.

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