Keeping your possessions safe

New Zealand is generally known as one of the safest countries to travel to.

Never the less; you need to act responsible and careful if it comes to your personal possessions. First and best advice: Do you need whatever you take? We mean Jewellery, (designer) accessories, keys? Remember, what you don’t bring, you can’t lose! For all the stuff you do bring, consider the following advice:
  • Always lock your campervan and keep windows secure.
  • If possible, don’t leave valuables in parked campervans – especially at scenic spots or trail heads. If you must leave valuables behind, keep them out of sight.
  • Carry important documents with you – such as your passport, credit cards, and traveller’s cheques. Keep copies of these documents separate from the originals.
  • Keep a record of the description and serial numbers of your valuable items e.g. camcorder or digital camera.
  • If travelling by campervan, always try to park it overnight in holiday parks, Department of Conservation camping grounds or other specially designated areas, or at least where there are other people. If in doubt, ask the nearest i-SITE.
  • Don’t leave maps, luggage or visitor brochures visible in your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave bags, backpacks, wallets or cameras unattended in a public place, even for a short while – especially at airports, railway stations or ferry terminals.
  • If any of your possessions is misplaced or stolen, advise police as soon as possible by going to the nearest Police Station.
  • We hope nothing will happen when you are exploring New Zealand, in the rear case it does; When you booked your campervan with Bay of Islands Campervans we will endeavour to help you sort it out.
Keep your Possessions safe
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