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Do I have to book the Cook Strait ferry

Almost everyone who visits New Zealand and travels North and South Island has this dilemma: Do I have to book the Cook Strait ferry… It all depends on when you are travelling and whether you have a very tight schedule or not. In December and January, it is a good idea to book with one

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The Bay of Islands Walkway

A ‘Full Circle Day Walk’ including two ferry crossings in the Bay of Islands You can start the walkway anywhere in Russell, Okiato, Opua or Paihia and use the ferry between Opua/Okaito and Russel/Paihia. On your way, you will most likely see birds like the Tui, Fantail, Kingfisher, Pukeko and, with a bit of luck,

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Travel times and distances in New Zealand

In New Zealand, times and distances are often misjudged. You can best compare our ‘highways’ with secondary roads in most other countries. Except for around a few cities, they are mostly two lanes, no median barrier winding, hilly roads. Best to compare with 80Km roads in Europe or Australia. OK, you are allowed to drive

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Forgotten World Highway

Built on colonial bridle paths formed in the late 19th century, the Forgotten World Highway is remote and mysterious to the extreme. “A bit upsy downsy” is how one local resident puts it – a classic New Zealand understatement to describe a road that hugs the rugged contours of the land to provide a natural

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