Start Planning your Campervan Holiday

What is the best time to start planning your holiday? How about right now!?

It may feel like you’ve got plenty of time before your New Zealand campervan holiday, but before you know it’s time to set off…
Planning your dream getaway and campervan trip around New Zealand can be time-consuming. There’s plenty to consider – holiday duration, budget, airline(s) to use, stop-overs etc.

Arrange your Campervan Rental Early

Before booking a flight, you’ll have to ask yourself: Are we circling New Zealand, or hiring a campervan from a place to the other? One-way travel?
Deciding on whom to rent a campervan from is an easy one: Rob and Nick from Bay of Islands Campervans! Be sure to contact us as early as possible; sometimes changing travel direction or dates by even one or two days can make the difference in campervan availability.

Flying to New Zealand and planning activities

Now you are ready to book your flights. Want to stay somewhere in between home and NZ? A popular stopover is Hong Kong – easy to explore and plenty of excursions to book from the airport. Another option is one of Australia’s incredible cities like Sydney or Melbourne, but it all depends on your flight times.

Next step – make a list of what you expect to do on your holiday. Maori culture? Water activities? Middle Earth and the Hobbit? Thrill-seeking? Hot pools? Food and Vineyards? Walking and Hiking? The list can go on and on…

Plan your campervan road trip based on a good itinerary

We recommend taking your time to investigate New Zealand’s many beautiful destinations as proper research will pay off in the holiday of a lifetime. Keep an eye out for our blog post on the Benefits of A Planned Itinerary.

We’d love to help you out! Contact us and let the planning of your campervan holiday begin!

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