Tap water, is it safe to drink in New Zealand? The answer is YES: Tap water in Hotel’s, B&B’s, camp-sites, etc. can be drunk without problems.

Is all tap water safe to drink in New Zealand?

We don’t recommend to drink straight from a stream or river as it is often contaminated with the “Giardia” bacteria. To say it nicely, you will spend quite some time on the loo. Better not! If you want to drink water straight from a stream or river, boil it for at least three minutes and allow cooling.

Another option is to purify water is using a kind of chlorine tablets which are sold at the pharmacies. From outdoor shops, you can buy a special filter to get rid of the bacteria Giardia.

Is it safe to drink water from a motorhome tank

Again, the answer is YES. The water tank is regularly flushed, though in summer the temperature in the tank rises considerably… For coffee, tea, cooking, showering and toilet use you just use the water from the faucet/tank.

For a fresh glass of water better get bottled water, available from every supermarket. Another option is to top up a bottle with tap water at a camp-ground and store in your refrigerator. Each camp-site has drinking water available.

Bottled water:

Most bottled water comes from the same spring, so look for the home brands, the best price per litre…

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