Empty grey water and Toilet

After using toilet and shower for a few days you have to empty the toilet cassette and grey water tank. You also need to top up the fresh water tank. Most camp grounds will have a dump station you can use if you stay overnight. Also, many towns will have a dump station, most of the time owned by the local council.

Fresh water campervan motorhome

Fresh water

After a few days using  fresh water, you need to refill the fresh water tank. It’s easy and won’t take much time. This video shows you how to do it

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Digital hot water display

All our motorhomes in New Zealand do have hot water heating and hot air heating. Some of them have a digital display. We do have a paper manual in the motorhome but some like to watch instead of

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Fly screens

Fly screens and- Block-outs

All our motorhomes here in New Zealand have blinds and fly screens attached to the windows and roof vents. Makes a big difference to prevent flies and sand-flies coming into

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Kitchen appliances

All our motorhomes in New Zealand have a good size kitchen. Most of them with a gas oven build in. Freedom camping is so easy with a modern motorhome. The

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Fill gas bottle

After using your motorhome appliances for a while, you have to check your gas bottle. If you use the shower and oven every time you have to check it more

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RV Fridge freezer

Our Explorer and Seeker motorhome models have a 3-way RV fridge freezer on board. Some of them are manual and others are automatic fridges, but all work on GAS, 240V

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Fiat Automatic gearbox Fiat

The Fiat Ducato automatic gearbox makes driving a breeze! All Bayofislandscampervans are on a Fiat Ducato base, one of the most used vehicles for modern motorhomes. Sunlight, Carado, but also

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