Seeker motorhome: Set up Awning

Our bigger Motorhome models will have come with an awning. They all work more or less the same. Sometimes you have to unlock the poles in the middle by pushing in the spring of the pole(s) Other models have a little handle on each outside of the poles. All straightforward.

Fresh water campervan motorhome

Fresh water

After a few days using  fresh water, you need to refill the fresh water tank. It’s easy and won’t take much time. This video shows

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Digital hot water display

All our motorhomes in New Zealand do have hot water heating and hot air heating. Some of them have a digital display. We do have a paper manual in the motorhome but some

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Fridge and freezer

Our Explorer and Seeker motorhome models have a fridge/freezer on board. Some of them are manual and others are automatic fridges. Please have a look

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