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DOC Campsite Pass

DOC manages more than 200 campsites throughout New Zealand. They are places to relax, enjoy and explore the outdoors. Choose from forest settings, lake shores and sandy beaches. You can find DOC campsites using the campermate app, or find a download list here:

A Campsite Pass provides you with access to DOC conservation campsites around New Zealand, including bookable and non-bookable campsites. Some exclusions apply.

Scenic and Standard campsites

Scenic and Standard campsites have a more limited range of facilities and services than serviced campsites. These campsites have toilets, a water supply that could be treated or untreated tap water, or from a stream or lake, and vehicle or boat access. Bring your soap for washing your hands. Untreated water should be boiled before use to ensure it’s safe. 

Wood BBQs and fireplaces, cold showers, picnic tables, a cooking shelter and rubbish bins may be provided; this will vary from site to site. The higher fee for Scenic campsites is based on the scenic location and high popularity of these campsites.

Serviced campsites

Serviced campsites have a wide range of facilities and services. Flush toilets, tap water that could be treated or untreated, kitchen/cooking bench, hot showers, rubbish collection and road access for all types of vehicles. Untreated water should be boiled before use to ensure it’s safe.

Serviced campsites may have laundry facilities, barbecues, fireplaces, cookers, and picnic tables. Not that you need all this, Bay of Islands Campervans supply you with all you need to freedom camp, all our campers are certified self-contained. 

How to buy a Campsite Pass

There are 30-night, and 365-night passes to choose from. So, if you are travelling for a longer period, a Campsite Pass offers excellent value for your camping adventures. Purchase one online or at a DOC visitor centre when planning your next holiday.

Buy online

Go to DOC online booking system and log in or create an account. Select your preferred Pass, and select the date you first want to use the Pass on. You can do this before you arrive in New Zealand, and book sites to suit your itinerary. 

Once payment is completed via the secured online payment portal, the Pass will be linked to your DOC account. You will receive a booking confirmation email with a digital Pass PDF document.


Campsite Pass prices
Age group 30 nights pass 1 year (365 nights) pass
Adult 18 years plus $95 $195
Child/Youth 5-17 years $47.50 $97.50
Infant 0-4 years Free Free

How to use a DOC Campsite Pass

For bookable campsites

  1. Log in to your account on our online booking system.
  2. Select the campsite you wish to stay at, enter the number of people who hold a Campsite Pass and the number of people who do not hold a Pass.
  3. The booking system will automatically calculate fees payable at the time of booking (if any) for non-Pass holders or excluded times or sites. If all people booked are Pass holders, and it is not an excluded site or date range, the price will be shown as zero.
  4. Continue to fill out your vehicle registration number, accept the terms and conditions, then reserve.
  5. Review your selections, dates, and total costs before continuing to check out or continue shopping.
  6. Email confirmation of your booking will be sent to your account email address. Take this confirmation and a copy of your Campsite Pass with you when you go camping.

You need to book ahead

DOC Campsite Pass bookings must be completed before occupying a site, as required by the terms and conditions of the DOC campsite Pass.

If you choose not to pre-book, camp ground staff (if present) may be able to make the booking for you if space is available. There is a $10 charge for this service.

If using the DOC Campsite Pass, you should book well in advance. If no space is available, you will be turned away and have to find an alternative place to stay.

Book a campsite.

For non-bookable/self-registration campsites

Non-bookable/self-registration campsites operate on a first-come, first-served basis. The Campsite Pass does not give preference to staying at non-bookable campsites.

On arrival, Pass users will need to register by using a self-registration envelope/document and pay for any people in the party not covered by a Campsite Pass.

Proof of a Campsite Pass, print or digital, and identification must be available on request.

Where you can’t use the Campsite Pass

This Campsite Pass provides you with access to most DOC conservation campsites throughout New Zealand. However, there are some campsites where you can’t use the Campsite Pass.

List of campsites excluded from the DOC Campsite Pass

DOC campsite pass

Disclaimer: All above information is taken  from the DOC (Department of Conservation) website.

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