Motorhome Instruction Videos

To support you with vehicle familiarization, please watch our Top 10 motorhome instruction videos before you pick up your motorhome. These videos have essential information on all the equipment, and how to use them.
We recommend you watch the videos before collecting the vehicle, and also fill out your details in my-booking. 

On collection, we provide a vehicle walk through in person, and demonstrate how everything works. Then you are ready to get on your way.

Hot water Video

Digital hot water display

All our motorhomes in New Zealand do have hot water heating and hot air heating. Some of them have a digital display. We do have a paper manual in the motorhome but some

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Fridge Freezer

RV Fridge freezer

Our Explorer and Seeker motorhome models have a 3-way RV fridge freezer on board. Some of them are manual and others are automatic fridges, but

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Change the gasbottle in a campervan

Fill gas bottle

After using your motorhome appliances for a while, you have to check your gas bottle. If you use the shower and oven every time you

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