South Island Road trip

You can start and end your road trip from our base locations Christchurch (South Island), Auckland, Paihia (North Island) or any other domestic airport on request.
If you chose to visit both islands you can do a one-way hire; this will save you on diesel and ferry costs but most of all: Save on time so you can really explore, and not just ‘tick off’ the top tourist locations as quickly as possible. Unlike many other companies, we don’t charge you one-way fees. 

Motorhome rental Christchurch

If you plan to start your motorhome hire in Christchurch, a free Taxi transfer from the Airport or any CBD accommodation to our handover location for rentals over two weeks is included.
Unless you arrive from Australia, we require an overnight rest period for your safety and to avoid driver fatigue. We recommend staying at the Arcadia Motel, this is the location from where we give the walk through and vehicle introduction.

Hand over of the motorhome is available between 9:00 – 17:00

Return the Motorhome in Christchurch

motorhome rental ChristchurchReturning of the motorhome is again at the Arcadia Motel. Free Taxi transfer to Christchurch Airport or, when you are not staying at the Arcadia Motel, any CBD accommodation is included for rentals over two weeks is included.

Return of the motorhome available between 9:00 – 17:00

Christchurch ↔ Auckland One-way

We also offer one-way travel between Christchurch ↔ Auckland, at no extra costs. There are many benefits to one-way travel, such as:

  • Less driving time
  • The time you gain can be used to explore and relax!
  • Fewer diesel costs
  • Only one ferry crossing

We have two North Island return locations, including a relaxed option staying a night at Baystay B&B in Paihia.

If you haven’t already requested a one-way quote, you can do so here

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