Short walks or multi night tramps…

Whether you are into short walks or a multi-night tramp, there is a suitable track for everyone to enjoy New Zealand’s natural environment. Connecting with nature is good for you. Studies show that spending time in nature lifts your mood and can decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. If the thought of a multi-day hike makes you want to crawl up into a ball, you can snap that waterfall pic for Instagram without having to move your legs for more than 2 hours.

The Department of Conservation is the one who looks after most tracks, short walks and many (natural) camp-sites. To promote walking, they now have a great tool to find a (short)track.

Take your pick and get outdoors, find a walk here Great website to find walks knowing you can relax afterwards in your Explorer of Seeker motorhome! Did you get a bit sweaty from the exercise? There are shower facilities, so no excuses there!

DOC also maintains a great blog  where they give suggestions and reviews, great fun to read!

Before you go: Check the Outdoor Safety Code NZ, the climate and nature can be treacherous, better to make memories, then accidents.


Short walks New Zealand
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