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You leave your house and go out for a while. During your adventures, you assume your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, only to find out the hard way that wasn’t the case when you get slammed with an astronomical data overage on your bill.

It’s easy to get reliant on Wi-Fi since it’s so common. These days, you can find Wi-Fi just about anywhere. From your local McDonald’s to that library in town center, some tourists towns offer free Wi-Fi to customers. They kind of have to since people today are so connected.

Is it easy to stay connected when in your campervan? After all, you may be one of those lucky people who get to travel New Zealand while still making money by working remotely.

Broadband internet on the go

We supply WIFI in all campervans… As one of the first in NZ, we had The internet available long before others had. In the early days we had a simple dongle set-up to work with one device. It was patchy at best, but a lot has changed!

Now, our Wifi for campervans can be used anywhere throughout New Zealand where there is suitable 3G or 4G LTE broadband signal. This makes them really versatile and fantastic for providing an internet connection when you are travelling the length of New Zealand.

Our 4G Mobile Broadband wireless router can connect your laptop, tablet, smart phone or any other WiFi enabled device without using a network cable. So bring your laptop, iPhone, iPad or any other device that connects to WIFI without any technical hassle.

Our new modems can connect to 3G/4G (where available) and you can get speeds up to 50 MB. Staying in connect with friends and family is not a problem any more. We choose to keep it in our own hands, so we can keep the price of data reasonable.

Data included when you choose Value Pack, otherwise daily charges apply.

Broadband coverage

We have to warn you that some great locations in New Zealand don’t have any mobile phone or wireless internet coverage at all! Most often these are the locations you see on Instagram and most probably be happy to stay a couple of nights, without any modern communication. We love it, do you…..?

If you can’t go without, or are relying on WiFi for work, there is a way to find out if wireless mobile broadband is available, simply check the location on the https://broadbandmap.nz/home.

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