WIFI in all Campervans

Stay connected on your vacation

It may not look like a big thing, but it is: We supply WIFI in all campervans… We already had The internet available, but how to connect your iPhone, iPad, Android or wireless laptop if there is no USB port? The simple solution is your own hotspot, the challenge to make it available in a mobile set-up like a campervan, and we succeed! So bring your laptop, iPhone, iPad or any other device that connects to WIFI without any technical hassle. We choose to keep it in our hands, so we can keep the price of data reasonable. Data included when you choose Value Pack, otherwise daily charges apply.

Our new modems can connect to 4G (if available) and you can get speeds up to 50 MB. Staying in connect with friends and family is not a problem any more.

We have to warn you that some great locations in New Zealand don’t have any mobile phone or internet reception. Often the best locations to stay a couple of nights and enjoy a life without any modern communication. We love it, do you…..?

WIFI: Just another reason to book with Bay of Islands Campervans hire New Zealand.

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