Clothing, bags, suitcases, luggage… What to bring?

We make sure both the Explorer and Seeker have ample storage for the weight limits allowed by the aviation industry. Choosing what luggage you bring is up to you; when you select hard-shell suitcases and need to store them in the campervan it is, how to say this nicely…; Hard Case!
We advise to use soft side lightweight (like the ones in the image here) or (sports)bags that you can fold and stow away.

When you still want to bring your hard-shell cases and on the other hand don’t want them in your way all the time: at our depots in Paihia and Christchurch we can store them, as long as you return to the same location. Going ‘one-way’ between the two we know of an affordable courier service at your expense.

The Weather can be ‘four seasons in a day’: fast changing and vary from crisp in the morning to hot at noon and back to chilly at night. There are even weather forecasts that advice you how many layers you need per day!

Using multiple layers of clothing will prepare you for whatever the weather troughs at you. It will also reduce your baggage and still be warm, dry and comfortable with the varying condition.

Be honest, most of the times you end up wearing that favourite T-shirt almost every day, just check your last holiday pictures…

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