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Is there a bike rack, do you rent out bikes?

No, we have no bike rakes on our vans. In general, riding a push-bike on general roads is dangerous. There are many good bike rides, BMX parks, and they all have rental facilities. This way you can have the right bike for the track, including e-bikes.

I am a motorhome newby, how does it all works?

No worries! When you pick up the motorhome an instruction is given and there is plenty of time to answer any questions you might have. If you want to get prepaired beforhand, check out these instructions videos

How will I find my way around, is there GPS or road-map?

A GPS unit is installed in all campervans, and you can also use your own on-line Google-, Waze-, etc maps when you have taken our WIFI (included in the Value Pack) Like to hold a map? An AA road map (including mayor town centres) is part of the equipment.

What about freedom and DOC camping?

Our campervans are Certified Self Contained, you can freedom camp in places where permitted. Please notice the difference between ‘free’ camping (at no cost) and ‘freedom’ camping (Certified Self Contained)… Most DOC camping grounds are freedom camping, charging a low fee to cover maintenance. Please respect the camping policies of each community and minimize the …

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