Do you know the size of New Zealand?

We often notice our motorhome renters underestimate the land size, we see itineraries that involve driving 4500 km in just two weeks!

To experience New Zealand, it is good to understand our land size (massive!), road conditions (not that flash), and layout (single lane bridges are still part of our ‘highways’).

Explore New Zealand by motorhome.


How big is New Zealand compared to other countries? Have a look at these images, the real size of New Zealand, compared to continents like the USA and Europe.

Why do we want to show you this? Sure, you can set off on a road trip, driving for hours every day to destinations you don’t have time to explore. Is this why you want to visit New Zealand? Or, do you want to get a feeling of the space, nature, and culture it has to offer?

Travelling in New Zealand is a bit different compared to other countries as well. We drive on the left-hand side of the road and some of our roads are narrower, so it might take a bit longer to get from point A to point B than you’re used to.

Maybe once you compare the size of Aotearoa (Māori for New Zealand) with your home country, you will change your mind on how to plan your road trip.


Whatever you choose to you, fine with us! We just want to assure your holiday brings you what you are looking for!

Interesting New Zealand size facts:

NZ compared to EUROPE
  1. A bit bigger than the size of Great Britain
  2. Almost 36 times smaller than the size of the USA
  3. A little smaller than Japan
  4. Approximately the same size as California
  5. About 75% of the size of Germany
  6. About 268,000 square kilometres
  7. About 1600 kilometres from north to south
  8. Nowhere in NZ is further than 170 km from the sea!

Want to compare the size of New Zealand with your home country? Try it for yourself here


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