White Island Aerial

White Island

Experience White Island Volcano  We have visited White Island ourselves and yes its a must do when you’re visiting New Zealand Watch the little video we made:  and you agree its A MUST DO!  White Island Tours offers visitors the remarkable

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Itenerary planning

Plan an Itinerary

Planning your New Zealand holiday to make sure its perfect can be tricky. If you need our help Bay Of Islands Campervans will use our local knowledge and together we’ll plan your dream Campervan trip. Where will you take your campervan

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Keep left drivng in New Zealand

Driving left in NZ

Why does New Zealand drive on the “wrong” side of the road? Well, it’s one of those trivia questions that can really nag at you until you find an answer. In days of old logic dictated that when people passed

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USB charger

Charge your devises using USB

USB charger in Campervan We now have a USB charger not only in the dashboard, also a second one in your living area of the Campervan! The ‘house USB’  has 12-volt power even when your Campervan engine is not running

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van break ins

Keeping your possessions safe

New Zealand is generally known as one of the safest countries to travel to. Never the less; you need to act responsible and careful if it comes to your personal possessions. First and best advice: Do you need whatever you

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